About TimeWaerter


It is quite simple, I was looking for a simply but easy to use presentation timer, that I can use for my presentations at conferences, webinars, video recordings etc.. Over several years I was using quite handy apps on my mobile, but I was not happy with the user interface, the design and had also to recognize that more and more of these apps were not supported with latest OS versions - seems to be an unattractive business.

Consequently I was implementing my own presentation timer which is essentially designed based on my very own requirements. To make it independent from any operating system and accessible and useable free of charge and with highest degree of privacy, I decided to implement it as web application - finally this was making the whole implementation quite challenging - I had to solve some technical challenges to get an app that works with power saving mode on essentially all modern browsers for phones, laptops, tablets and computer screens. Sound not so exciting for a simple time, but it was.

How it works

Timewart comes with four pre-configured presentation times. If one of this timers fit to your presentation time, just click on the number and the timer will immedatly start

Via the configuration button it is possible to change all four timer individually and simple save the link to use it later, if necessary

The timer supports per definition only presenation times between three and ninty minutes

Here an explaination video